Two childhood friends, one from the food technology field and the other from economy & marketing, opened the brewery that became successful – sounds like a perfect pattern for a craft beer story?

Because that is just how it is: it is a true story about two friends full of passion for creation. Inside and outside of a beer glass. Since the day of our first brew, we’ve been sharing the same values. As a result, we’ve created the fastest-growing Serbian craft brewery, the brewery that became Rate Beer’s Top Serbian brewery in 2018 – our breakthrough year.

Today, we are proud that Dogma has become the biggest craft beer exporter from Serbia.

Our first brew came into the Serbian market on
the 20th of July 2016.

Five years later, Dogma Brewery became a synonym for the highest quality brews and a company with direct marketing and brand development strategies.

All the numbers say that we have increased our capacity three times, up to 6000 HL per year, due to increased sales in Serbia and around the world.